Algebra Origins (video)
Graphing a linear equation (video)
Graphing a linear equation (script)

Slope of a line (video)

Slope of a line (script)

Line with slope intercept form (video)
A line with negative slope (video)
Conversion of equation of a line to the slope intercept form (video)
Equation of a line through two given points (video)
Equations of horizontal and vertical lines (video)
Relation between the slopes of the parallel and perpendicular lines (video)
regression with TI84 (video)
Positive Association Cobras (video)
(Mathematical example in a travel video: warning, it has snakes in it)
Negative  Association Peafowl (video)
(Mathematical Example in a travel video)
Table of values in TI84 (video)
regression with TI84 (video)
Regression line with Excel2010 (video)
a line with MyMathlab (video)

Transformation of Graphs (video)

Transformations of Graphs (script)

Montgomery College Basic Algebra Review